What Effect Does Have Alcohol On Weight Loss?

Alcohol vs Weight Loss

Alcohol has 7 calories per gram which are metabolize like fat. It has no vitamins or minerals, so those are “empty” calories. Many alcoholic beverages contain calories from sugar, carbohydrate,or fat, it describe one of the alcohol effect on weight loss – extra calories.

Alcohol can also reduce your self-control, leading to overeating. If you have diabetes alcohol can contribute to problems with hypoglycemia (too low blood glucose). So if you have diabetes and are on insulin or medications that can cause hypoglycemia. Eat a meal or snack with the alcohol to prevent hypoglycemia.

All of these factors approve what alcohol effect on weight loss is destructive. It can lead to too many calories and slow down your weight loss or contribute to weight gain (you can also read about other weight loss tips here). If you are trying to lose weight by reducing your food intake, it is better to choose foods that are a good source of vitamins and minerals and not the “empty” calories from alcohol.

The lowest calorie alcoholic beverages are a 12 oz light beer. 1 oz liquor mixed with diet soda or water or 5 oz of wine—each contain about 100 calories. In addition some of the highest calorie alcoholic beverages are made with cream. A 6 oz serving of a White Russian or a Grasshopper contains 450—500 calories.

If you also have snacks or extra food with the alcohol, it is easy to see why alcohol can make it more difficult to lose weight!

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