Keto Diet For Beginners

What Is The Ketogenic Diet For Beginners ?

The ketogenic diet for beginners encourages you to get most of your calories from fat and to severely restrict carbohydrates. Unlike a typical low-carbohydrate diet the ketogenic diet is not a high-protein diet. Instead, it’s a high-fat, moderate-protein, and low-carbohydrate diet. Although your exact macronutrient ratio will differ based on your individual needs. A typical nutritional ketogenic diet for beginners looks something like this:

Fat: 60 to 75 percent of calories;

Protein: 15 to 30 percent of calories;

Carbohydrates: 5 to 10 percent of calories.

These are general guidelines, but most people on a successful ketogenic diet for beginners fall somewhere in this range. In order to figure what you should be eating, you’ll have to calculate your individual macronutrient ratios. As your diet progresses and your body begins to change, you may have to recalculate these numbers and make the proper adjustments to your diet plan.

Getting Started On The Ketogenic Diet In 2019

As the name implies, the ketogenic diet for beginners is a diet plan that puts your body’s innate intelligence to work by forcing your body to enter into a state of ketosis. You can learn here all about ketosis and how your body reacts to it. For now know that ketosis is a metabolic state that can lead to significant weight loss when done properly.

Your body already instinctively knows how to get into ketosis when you don’t eat carbohydrates. The point of the ketogenic diet is to force it to happen and keep it going for as long as you want. If you’re interested in starting a ketogenic diet, the following information can help you get started.

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